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Virtual Regional Competitions

If you are chosen as a Regional Finalist, you will be required to submit a digital poster and Powerpoint slides by Monday, October 31, 2016. You will then virtually conduct your 12-minute oral presentation and 15-min Q&A session with the regional judges via a secure, web-based technology. Discovery Education will determine the date and time of the online sessions. A panel of judges appointed by the host institution reviews the projects.

Students who win at the regional level advance to the national level. The National Finalists receive an expense-paid trip, with a chaperone, to Washington, D.C.

Regional and National Finals

Discovery Education will assign students to compete at one of the six regional competitions. The Siemens Competition uses the regional structure shown in the regional map.

Initial Judges select up to 10 projects (up to five individuals and up to five teams) from each of the six geographic regions. Finalists (including all team members) must attend and participate in all required Competition events, including Discovery-led run-throughs the week before each Regional Competition. View the Competition schedule.

Judges expect to hear concise presentations and responses to their questions during the question-and-answer session. You must also be able to describe further aspects of your project, including the fundamental science behind what you have done. All aspects of the projects and presentations inform the final decisions of the judges.

Research completed after the original submission (on Oct 31, 2016) may not be presented during the oral presentation or be included in the poster. Corrections are permitted (e.g., fixing a typo in the report) as long as the correction does not reflect new data or findings.

Regional and National Finalists are evaluated on these items, in addition to the Research Report, Abstract and References cited. The Regional Oral Presentation, Digital Poster and Q&A Guidelines and National Oral Presentation, Poster and Q&A Guidelines can be found on the Siemens Competition website under the “Regional and National Finalists” tab.

Regional Oral Presentation, Digital Poster and Q&A Guidelines
National Oral Presentation, Printed Poster and Q&A Guidelines

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2016 Siemens Competition registration is now closed.

Academic Integrity

Competitors must demonstrate academic integrity. Read our policy about plagiarism and other violations.

Video Highlights

Siemens shieldView the 2016 Siemens Competition National Winners at the national competition in Washington, D.C. Click to view the list of winners.