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The Siemens Competition recognizes student Research Projects that display originality, creativity, academic rigor, and clarity of communication. Discovery Education assembles a panel of PhD level research scientists to conduct the initial review of all project submissions.

Judges identify projects that exhibit not only scientific excellence, but also the collaborative teamwork that is often characteristic of successful scientific and technological endeavors.

Students should consider the background of the Research Project Judges. For the initial review and for the national level of the Competition, judges are selected by their field of expertise, have advanced degrees (PhD, MD) and come from both academic and laboratory settings. At the regional level, judges are selected by the Siemens Foundation's partner universities.

Team projects are evaluated separately from individual projects, using the same criteria. Additional attention is given to the collaboration among team members and to each team member's contribution to the project effort.

Read about the judging process. You can also view the criteria the judges consider during their evaluations.

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2017 Siemens Competition registration is now closed.

Academic Integrity

Competitors must demonstrate academic integrity. Read our policy about plagiarism and other violations.

Video Highlights

Siemens shieldView the 2016 Siemens Competition National Winners at the national competition in Washington, D.C. Click to view the list of winners. View National Finalist "Road to Regionals"