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Judging Process

Initial Judging

During the initial judging, only the Research Reports are evaluated. These Research Reports are judged solely on project merits. The initial judges do not have any information about you (name, gender, school, age, or state).


Up to 300 outstanding projects are selected as finalists. From those 300 projects, up to 60 will advance to the Regional Finalist stage of the Competition and the others will be honored as Semifinalists. Students chosen as semifinalists will have their names posted on the Siemens Foundation website.

Regional Finals

Up to 10 projects (up to five individual and up to five team projects) from each of six geographic regions are selected to compete at the regional level of the Competition.

At the regional levels of the Competition, judges evaluate the Research Report, Abstract, and the References cited in the Research Report, the digital poster, and private online oral presentation (12 mins) with question-and-answer session (15 mins). Factors such as knowledge of the science involved, your role in the project, and ideas extending from the work are also considered.

National Finals

The six individual and six team regional winners compete at the national level. National Finalists are required to display their printed posters, give oral presentations, and respond to questions before an in-person panel of national judges.

Tertiary content


2017 Siemens Competition registration is now closed.

Academic Integrity

Competitors must demonstrate academic integrity. Read our policy about plagiarism and other violations.

Video Highlights

Siemens shieldView the 2016 Siemens Competition National Winners at the national competition in Washington, D.C. Click to view the list of winners. View National Finalist "Road to Regionals"