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Additional Required Materials

In addition to your Research Project, which includes the 18-page Research Report, the Abstract and References, students must also provide the following information and materials via your student dashboard:

Registration Information

The purpose of the Registration process is to collect relevant information required before submission to the Siemens Competition. The accuracy of this information is vital to the academic integrity of your Research Project.

Required Authorizations

  • Student Affirmation Statement

Upon submission, each student will be required to review and agree to the Affirmation Statement. The Affirmation Statement summarizes the competition requirements and expectations for academic integrity.


  • Parent or Guardian Authorization (form sent via student dashboard)
  • School Endorsement Certification (form sent via student dashboard)
  • Mentor Authorization (form sent via student dashboard)
  • Lab Director Authorization (form sent via student dashboard; only required if research was conducted at registered lab or university facility.)
  • Human and Animal Protection Policy Form (even if your Research Report did not use vertebrate animals and/or human subjects, each individual/team lead is required to fill out the HAPP form)
  • If it is found that a student dishonestly obtains any of the above authorizations, the student will be disqualified.


Executive Summary

The Executive Summary on its own, separate from the Research Report, should convey the essence of your project and should be understood by someone without scientific expertise. DO NOT simply replicate what you wrote in your Abstract. The summary should clearly present three content areas - the question asked, the methods used and the lessons learned and must be written in layperson (non-specialist) language. NOTE: The summary will be used to explain your project to the general public and in preparing press releases for the media.

The Executive Summary must be double-spaced and use 12 point or larger Arial or Times New Roman font and include the exact Research Project title at the top. Margins should be 1 inch or larger. No identifying information, such as name, high school, or references to gender or research facilities should be included.

The Executive Summary may not exceed one page and is not included in the 18-page limit for the Research Report.

Human and Animal Protection Policy Questions

Each individual/team lead must answer the Human and Animal Protection Policy questions. Pay special attention when completing this section if your Research Project uses vertebrate animals and/or human subjects or commercially purchased human or animal cell lines, you must complete this form. Your response provides you an opportunity to describe your use of vertebrates to the judges.

Like the Research Report, the responses must be written by the student(s) and no student names or reference to gender, high schools, school officials, advisors, mentors, affiliated research organizations, or acknowledgements of the entrants are to appear anywhere in the answers below. For teams, the Team Leader is required to answer these questions on behalf of all team members. The form asks the following questions:

  1. Why was it necessary for you to use live animals and/or humans or fluids, cells, tissues, or organs from vertebrates in your research? Justify the species used.
  2. Describe how you used the animals and/or humans in the research.
  3. Further, describe whether the animals were euthanized before or after your experiments and for what purpose. IE: Were the animals euthanized solely for your research?
  4. If human subjects were used in your research, specify what procedures were used to inform participants about the purposes of the study, to obtain their consent for participation, and to protect them against harm during the conduct of the study.

The Human and Animal Protection Policy Questions are not included in the 18-page limit for the Research Report.

Mentor Form

Individuals and teams must have their mentor complete the Mentor Form. The mentor is the individual most closely associated with the Research Project, such as the student's research supervisor or another qualified scientist who gave support throughout the course of the Research Project.

If a student or team does not have a mentor, a teacher or other high school administrator must complete the form. Additionally, if any of the research was conducted at a university or other registered laboratory facility, the signature of the lab director or head of the research group is required.

If the Research Project involves vertebrate animals and/or human subjects, Section V of the Mentor Form, Human and Animal Protection Policy Certification, is required and must be completed and signed by the advisor, mentor, or supervising scientist. This section of the form is carefully reviewed to determine the project's eligibility, in accordance with the Competition Guidelines.

Lab Director Form

Form must be completed by a lab director or head of the research group if your research was conducted at a university or registered laboratory/institution.

Tertiary content


2017 Siemens Competition registration is now closed.

Academic Integrity

Competitors must demonstrate academic integrity. Read our policy about plagiarism and other violations.

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