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Welcome to the new Siemens Competition page designed to ensure that all students have the knowledge and opportunity they need to apply for the Competition and to succeed! Please review the resources below and, as always, contact us at if your question is not answered here.

Student/Family Resources

The place for prospective Siemens Competitors and their families to find all the information necessary to demystify the entry process and set you up for success!

Competition Flyer (English)
Competition Flyer (Spanish)

Do you have a burning research question you’d like to explore, but you’re not sure where to start? Or have you conducted research independently, but you’re in need of a Mentor to support you for the purpose of this Competition? The Student and Family Toolkit includes sample language that you could use to achieve these goals and set you up for success. Then see the Mentor Match information below for next steps.

Student and Family Toolkit

Additional Resources:
Competition Guidelines (English)
Competition Guidelines (Spanish)

Mentor Match

The following is a list of independent websites students can use to find a STEM professional who may be willing and able to serve as a mentor or a nonprofit group with mentoring services.

National Mentoring Partnership: Mentoring Connector external link
Million Women Mentors: external link
US 2020: external link
Grant Advocate: external link
MentorNet: external link
(Must be 18 years old to use this site)

View our complete Mentor Match webinar, now available on demand.

Please note: The links above represent a third party interface, and we are simply providing a clearing house of resources for your consideration. Neither the Siemens Foundation nor Discovery Education endorse any mentoring program.*

Educator Resources

Resources to enable educators to share Competition information and empower their students to apply and succeed.

Educator Flyer (English)
Generic Competition Flyer (English)
Generic Competition Flyer (Spanish)

The Educator Toolkit includes sample language to spread the word about the competition via email or social media. Also in the toolkit is a collection of digital ads that can be used on your school’s social media, in newsletters, or even on a school’s website. Please feel free to utilize these resources to ensure that your students are well-informed about the Competition (and the chance to win up to $100,000 in college scholarships)!

Educator Toolkit

Partner Resources

A collection of resources tailored to our invaluable partners who help to spread the word and to make competing in the Siemens Competition a viable option for all students.

Competition Flyer (English)
Competition Flyer (Spanish)

Within your designated toolkit, please find sample language to share with your networks via email or social media. The toolkits also include digital ads that can be used to spread the word via your website, newsletter, or social media account. Please feel free to utilize these resources to ensure that your students are well-informed about the Competition (and the chance to win up to $100,000 in college scholarships)!

Partner Organization Toolkit
Nonprofit Toolkit
HBCU Toolkit
Lab Toolkit
STEM Camp Toolkit
University Partner Toolkit

Recursos en Español

Encuentra recursos en español para estudiantes y familias quien quieren más información sobre el Concurso Siemens. Mira el seminario en línea a la carta para información básica sobre elegibilidad, el horario de concurso, información sobre el Repositorio de Mentores ("Mentor Match") y para aprender como registrar.

Folleto Publicitario en Español
Reglas de Concurso en Español
Seminario en Línea Informativo en Español

Join us for specialized webinars where we’ll answer all of your Siemens Competition questions!
Now Available On Demand General Information/How-To
Now Available On Demand Mentor Match
Now Available On Demand Educator Involvement
Now Available On Demand Helpful Tips for Parents and Students
Ya Disponsible a la Carta Seminario en Línea Informativo en Español
Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Meet the 2015 National Finalists

* In no event shall Discovery Education, Inc., the Siemens Foundation, Siemens Corporation or any of its their respective affiliates or subsidiaries be liable for any damages, including but not limited to direct damages, lost or prospective profits or any other special, punitive, exemplary, consequential, incidental or indirect losses or damages (in tort, contract or otherwise) that arise from or are related to any student’s (i) use of the Siemens Competition website to utilize resources outside of the Siemens Competition website, including but not limited to the Mentor Matching Service or (ii) participation in the Mentor Marching Service. The students acknowledge that the Mentor Matching Service is a third party service and is not endorsed by Discovery Education, Inc., the Siemens Foundation or Siemens Corporation, and such parties bear no responsibility for any students use of such service.

The Siemens Foundation supports diversity and inclusion and encourages students of all backgrounds to participate in the Siemens Competition. Women and minorities are highly encouraged to apply.

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2016 Siemens Competition registration is now closed.

Academic Integrity

Competitors must demonstrate academic integrity. Read our policy about plagiarism and other violations.

Video Highlights

Siemens shieldView the 2016 Siemens Competition National Winners at the national competition in Washington, D.C. Click to view the list of winners.